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Designed for fixing difficult to install glass and reconditioned stone mosaic tiles. This product is highly modified with polymeric binders and adhesion promotors. Includes an antimicrobial additive and available in 6 colours white, cloud grey, light grey, dove grey, oatmeal & taupe. This product can be used as a high quality grout

Preparation Instructions:

– Add 1.75 lt of water to a suitable container.
– Slowly add 5 kg of the product.
– Mix to a creamy consistency. The use of an electric drill and paddle is recommended to ensure thorough mixing.
– Use within 2 hours. If the product thicken DO NOT ADD MORE WATER – rather stir thoroughly to extend pot life.

Ensure that surfaces to be tiled are sound (no cracks or crumbling), clean, free of dust, release agent, fungi, or any surface dampness. Fungi must be removed and the spores killed with the use of an effective fungicide. (a dilution of household bleach is sufficient) *This guideline only serves as a basic manual for the surface preparation,