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A European quality polymer modified light coloured cement based tile adhesive designed for installing extra-large format (>600 mm x 600 mm), heavy natural stone, porcelain and cement based tiles, to all pre-primed surfaces. It is suitable for permanently wet areas as well as interior and exterior applications. This product has exceptional anti-slip properties, an extended open time and excellent workability.

Guidelines for installing stone cladding

Before starting the installation, ensure that the surface is properly prepared.
 New plaster walls need to be properly cured, hard and well bonded to the
underlying brick work.
 Previously painted surfaces need to be chipped to expose 80% of the
 When installing onto brickwork or for heavy stone cladding, Ezee Tile
recommends priming the surface by painting on a slurry made from 2 parts
Ezee Tile Basecoat and 1 part Ezee Tile Key.
 The recommended adhesive for this application is Ezee Tile Cladding
Adhesive. Thoroughly mix the 20Kg bag of adhesive with 5 litres of cold
water and apply using a notched wall trowel.
*This guideline only serves as a basic manual for the surface preparation, product selection and
installation procedure for this type of application.